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Strawel International GmbH (Strawel International GmbH) is headquartered in Läufelfingen, Switzerland. It has established branches in Hong Kong, China. It has independent branches in many cities in China such as Shenzhen, Xi'an and Changsha.

The office is a comprehensive international limited company integrating import and export trade, daily skin care product production and sales, brand management and marketing. We specialize in the procurement and production of two-way trade between Europe and China.

In the process, we have saved our customers maximum operating costs, improved business efficiency, and ensured excellent product quality and absolute safety in international delivery and distribution. The perfect combination of these four advantages also gives our customers a clear and strong competitive advantage. We have always insisted on every detail, we are willing to be your personal service expert, and will always be committed to presenting the best products and services to customers and partners according to your requirements.


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