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With thousands of skincare products, it's difficult to know what we really need (and what we can ignore). Especially for the minimalists, beauty apprentices and frugal ones among us, the mere idea of a complicated, expensive skincare routine is enough to make us skip that morning cleanse altogether (which, as it turns out, may not be that bad).

What we need is a minimalist, no-fuss skincare routine suited to our different skin types. Let's take out the guess work, fancy serums and overnight masks, and get back to basics.

This guide will give you essential skincare information and suggestions so you feel comfortable heading into any chemist and finding the right products for your skin type.

A effective routine

Although ads and beauty gurus suggest otherwise, you don't need to fork out hundreds of dollars (or much time) to have an effective skincare routine. In fact, "less is more". Simple routines are the most successful routines. "Skincare really doesn't need to be complicated." Dermatologists and clinical associate professors, say skincare is all about protecting your skin.

We are a firm believer that everyone can benefit from protecting their skin — from the harsh effects of our sun, as well as pollution and other environmental aggressors.

Skin Types

Combination skin
is oily on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry or normal across the cheeks.
Combination skin can also change from oily to dry or normal depending on the season and climate.
Normal skin
is not oily, dry and rarely breaks out. It usually tolerates most skincare products and has a smooth, even texture.

Dry skin
can feel tight, rough or flaky, with visible fine lines around the eyes and forehead, even after applying moisturiser.

Oily skin
is often shiny, has large pores and is prone to blackheads, milia and breakouts. The upside: oily skin usually ages better as the sebum helps to keep the skin supple and lubricated.
Sensitive skin
flushes easily and can often react to skincare with a stinging or burning sensation, bumps, pustules and erythema.


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